JioMeet Video calling app
calls upto 100 participant at the time by jiomeet app.

Zoom Cloud Meeting app, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are popular video conferencing call app now a day because of its huge demand. These apps get popular because suddenly its huge demand for use is increased. Everybody knows very well that India is under complete lockdown because of the Corona Virus COVID-19. Everyone started their work from home. When they work from home, they need to contact the colleague and the manager on video call for attending the meeting, etc. The Teacher started the online classes for teaching. All this is possible because of all the video conferencing call apps.

In view of the increasing popularity and demands of all these apps, Jio also launched the Video conferencing call app named JioMeet. JioMeet video calls app is now available for android but it already on the iOS. You can video calls with your friends and colleague in HD quality and it is free. You have to sign up for this app with the email id or log in via One Time Password (OTP).


One is the best option in this app you can join video call as a guest appearance using the conference link sent to you by your friends or colleague. It will also require a meeting ID and your name. When you fill the required meeting ID and your name you can join the video conferencing call.

Features of the JioMeet app.

JioMeet Video calling app
Jiomeet app introducing by Jio that is now available on google play store

When you open the app you will find the three tabs option on the top, Favorite, Recent, and Contacts. If you want to start a video call you have to tap on the video calls option and name of the user whom you want to call. One of the best things is that you can overlay the text over the video calls. The quality of video calls is automatically adjust based on your internet connection and the maximum video call quality is set to 720p.

To start the group calls in the JioMeet app are very easy and so many basic tools for the host. The host can mute the video of any participant. The host can also choose the participant to end the meeting or end the meeting for all participants. JioMeet only supports up-to five participants for free. But if you sign for a business user and pro plan, you can invite up to 100 participants to join the meeting or video calls.

All your meetings are PIN protected. JioMeet uses SSL 128-bit encryption for the security of your calls that means your calls are encrypted in transit. Not like the WhatsApp end to end encrypting of calls. JioMeet brings a feature name Conference History Features in the tow. You can easily view and listen to the old video calls if needed by these features.

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