NewsGoogle may merge Duo and Meet Video Calling apps...

Google may merge Duo and Meet Video Calling apps according to the Report.



Google may merge Duo and Meet Video Calling apps according to the Report to compete with the Zoom app.


You must be using the Google Duo and Google Meet video conferencing apps. Google Duo and Google Meet are one of the most popular video calling apps. You have to use the Duo and Meet video calling app one by one.

But Google is working on merging the Meet and Duo video calling apps. Today I am explaining to you about Google to merge Duo and Meet video calling apps. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Here is the full detail about the Google merge video calling apps Duo and Meet.

G Suite head Javier Soltero decided to replace the Duo video calling app with the Meet app. Google is working on replacing the video calling app Duo with Meet. The process of combining the two apps is underway and Duet is the codename of the combination.

The Google Duo team is the surprise with the huge use of the app in the lockdown. After the announcement of Google in the May months that there was a total of three billion minutes of call duration in the month and close o three million daily new active users. Also, the engineers who worked on this app either left or were shifted to the Meet team.

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From the start, Google Meet has been a part of the G Suite. In the month of May, Google announced that Google meet will be free for everyone till the 30th of September including the avocation after been the Zoom app most popular.

Also, the integration of Google Meet with the Gmail app made it more accessible and easier to use. This change will not be a minor one and may take up to two years as Google has no immediate plans to interfere with the Duo.

Google said in a statement, we have brought the Duo organization under the leadership of Javier Soltero in May, and it follows that we are looking at ways in which our video calling product can improve with each other. ‘


Also, we have fully invested in the Duo, which has seen huge growth during the epidemic. People around the world are counting on video calling more than ever, and we have no plans to interrupt it. We will continue to build new Duo features and provide a joyful experience for our users, customers, and partners.

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