YouTube Lets Create Short Videos Out of Others Comments
YouTube Lets Create Short Videos Out of Others Comments

YouTube, Google, and Gmail service are facing major outages worldwide. Users are facing issues to access the Google, Gmail, and YouTube service currently. When the user opens the service then it is showing the error 500 that there was an error. please try again later.

When the user opens YouTube then it will be showing the 503 error there was a problem with the server. Today I am explaining to you about YouTube, Google and Gmail are facing major outages worldwide. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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YouTube, Google, and Gmail facing major outages Worldwide.

 The Google services went down/outage to access on Monday evening. The Google services were facing the server problem and users are not able to use these three services. YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, Google News, and Google Maps are facing issues at the time of writing this article globally.

The Website Downdetector that tracks web outage has reported over 20,000 cases of an outage globally. Google service facing these server issues around 20-25 minutes back. Google’s own tracker doesn’t seem to have updated about this issue.

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But right now it is not showing any outage on every service. It seems services are live and working as previously. Some users are now able to use the YouTube service but some are not. Some users are able to access Google search and Gmail but some are not yet. Many users are also not able to access any services among these services. Google servers maybe reflect the change after some time. But this issue will fix for all users soon.

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