monitor [online activity of WhatsApp]
monitor [online activity of WhatsApp or facebook messenger]

Do you want to keep an eye on your children? and monitor the online activity of WhatsApp someone. Or any specific person who is important to you. Nowadays what they do on WhatsApp and how much time they spend on WhatsApp. During the examination, they don’t want too far from mobile, anyway he convenient you to take mobile. In this situation how do you keep an eye on your children?

You can see that How much time is he spending on WhatsApp and Facebook? Similarly, I serve you such an app that helps to keep an eye on someone. Their name WhatsApp last seen: online last seen app (what’s online).


If you decided to keep an eye on someone and need this app right now then keep to reading till the end. Let’s see over them.

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See here the Features of an app.

  • Accurate time show.
  • It also shows the time interval of activities.
  • Day-night analysis separately.
  • Time clock plate graph.

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How to use this app and download it?

Firstly you make this app is available or not. Before using this app download this from below we mention there the download button. You can easily download the app.

  • Open the app.
  • In order to work properly need access to save system information. Allow this split-screen then you will access this app.
  • After it requires permission, tap on permission.
  • Pop on-screen long-term and condition show before accepting this form read carefully then permit.
  • Tap on the top Add button then adds the number that you want.
  • And on the notification triggers every time.
  • After completing all the instructions.
  • You can easy to analyze their activity time on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Before using this app read the term and condition

You can easy to stop using more after analyzing their activities on social platforms. monitor the online activity of WhatsApp or Facebook.


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  1. मै क्लिक कर रही तोह प्लेस्टोरे पर एप्लीकेशन open नहीं हो रही
    जबकि मैंने opera, google chrome or default browser पर भी hoga toga website open की फिर भी नहीं हो रहा please help me bhiya


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