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Remove China Apps is in the list of the top free app on Google Play Store.

Remove China apps that have gone viral in India. This app claims that it can identify china-made apps and it remove that app. It has downloaded more than 10 lakhs and became the top free apps on Google Play Store currently. Today I am explaining to you about the Remove China Apps. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Remove China Apps

Remove China apps
The Remove China APK.

Remove China apps is the android app that is launched on 17 May and downloaded more than 10 lakhs. It has 4.8 ratings with positive reviews on the Google Play Store. this is developed by the OneTouch AppLabs.

This app has gone viral because of many reasons. You know very well that anti-china sentiment is high in the Country. The anti-China sentiment is high because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, YouTube VS Tik Tok, India China border dispute, and more. The development comes this time an app has gone viral. In the previous post, I explained to you about the Mitron app. Mitron app is optional of the TikTok app and it gained traction over the last few days.

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This app is made for educational purposes. This app allows the users to identify the country of origin of some applications installed on their Android phones claimed by the Remove China app developers. The name of this app suggests, it only identifies the Chinese company’s development apps. Users can uninstall them via these apps.

In particular, China apps only detect apps installed on their phones by the users of the Google  Play Store or other third-party app stores. It not detect preinstalled on Chinese smartphone manufacturers. The user started using this app and Mitron optional of TikTok.


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