How to save whatsapp status video and image in gallery android smartphones 2020?


Does your mobile has installed the what box app? are you not able to send a direct message? Don’t you have the latest or trend sticker in WhatsApp? Are you not able to send a message on a new number without saving in the contact list? do you want to prank with your friend by the blank message? How to save WhatsApp status?

Whatsbox app

This problem has one solution to solve. Because you are about to know that app that solves your all daily life problems. So, keep reading until the end to know about the app. If you leave any kind of step or instruction then without you couldn’t know. Let’s start it.


We have the best solution for your problem that name is what box apps. In this, you will get more special features which really helpful to you. You can send messages directly without saving a number in the contact list. On more interesting features.

If anyone wants to download status video or image they didn’t download. You can download the all video or images with the help of the Whatsbox app any time anywhere.


Some essential feature to know you:

  • Open chat by it you can chat directly without saving in the contact list.
  • For pranking you can send a blank message.
  • An interesting feature, you can save WhatsApp status photo or video
  • If you want to send a message later you can save a draft and whenever you want to send.
  • favorable Sticker you can save it in favorite.

How you can use this app.

If you haven’t download the app till now then you need to update first. How you can download the app. Scroll below till download button. You can download the app forme download button. Enjoy the app after download it.

I hope like the How to save WhatsApp status post if it more helpful to you then share with your friend or family.

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[appbox googleplaycom.whats.whatsbox&hl=en ]



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