WhatsApp Channel for Linked Devices feature
WhatsApp Channel for Linked Devices feature

WhatsApp has released the new Channels feature in the Updates tab in India. You can get updates from People and organizations that matter to you once you join the channels on WhatsApp. All the channels you have joined and your created channel will be available in the updates tab.

You can easily create the channel on WhatsApp in a few simple steps and join any channels to get updates. The Channels feature is one of the best features on WhatsApp to get updates from people and organizations on your favorite topics that matter to you like Tech news etc. But still, some users want to delete the Updates and Channels on WhatsApp.


Today I am explaining to you how you can remove the updates and channels on WhatsApp. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the step-by-step complete guide to remove the updates and channels.

How to Delete Updates and Channels on WhatsApp

The Process to remove the updates and channels is quite simple and similar on Android, iOS, and the Web. One of the important things to note is that when you delete your updates then all your created channels and channels you have joined will be deleted automatically. Follow the steps to delete the Updates and channels easily on Android, iOS, and Web.

How to Delete Updates on Android

To Delete the Updates you have to open WhatsApp and take a backup of your chat on Google Drive. Once you take the backup of your chat history to your Google drive then you have to uninstall the WhatsApp from your phone. After deleting WhatsApp, you have to download the WhatsApp older version on your phone. The WhatsApp older version link is given below.

Tap on the download link to download the WhatsApp on your phone. After downloading the WhatsApp you have to login your WhatsApp with your same number. Tap on the Restore chat history and enter the same email to restore your all chat history. Once it restores all chat history, you are ready to use your WhatsApp. Now you will see the old status tab instead of Updates.


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