How to Disable HDR Video Playback on Instagram
How to Disable HDR Video Playback on Instagram

Now popularly tagged locations and businesses will be shown up through new Instagram Maps. This Maps experience lets people know about everything that is popular and also discover new places around them. Along with this, users can also filter their locations with certain categories such as beauty salons, restaurants, shops, and even cafes.

Last year, this feature was rolled out in Japan and the Meta-owned company now launches this globally. Whenever people are searching for a certain hashtag, they can also find a relevant place according to it. Also, whenever you open an Instagram, you are naturally in a discover mode which makes you discover many new businesses and places around you through this platform.


However, the users can also find a certain location with the help of certain hashtags on the maps. Mainly for business, it becomes a way for making new business sales, as well as, creating an impact as it leads to more than just a connection point. The main aim is also to target businesses and help them in their growth.

In an online survey undertaken by a Meta-owned company, their respondents say that more than 96% of the brands and products they discover are from Online sources. Through tagged articles, stories, and guides posted by the IG community, the maps tool may aid users in learning about well-known destinations and seeing what is occurring nearby.

Use Instagram Maps to Find a location

In any feed or even at a story content, users can now discover new places just by tapping on location tags. After that, they can also search for a place in Explore, neighborhood, or a city. In order to learn more, visitors can also read recent stories, popular posts, and relevant guides for tagged areas.

However, it is worth noting that in Hashtag search, you can also search for local hashtags as well (E.g. #Mumbai). Also, in a stories archive, you can also see the location stickers in the previously added story. To narrow down your search, users can also filter the location categories to choose from.

One can share places with friends or groups via direct chat or save them to a collection for later. Along with this, you can also share your location with your friends. You can also share it with the people that you’ve added to your followers’ list. Also, if your profile is public, you just have to add location stickers or location tags in your content and it will show up on maps.


By adding as many features as possible, a Meta-owned company is making the platform more and more user-friendly. Along with this, it’s making headlines by adding many features that support its users. Even if the account is public or private. With Instagram Maps, users are now able to find and see the locations that are popular.

And also the chances to discover many new brands increases with this feature. Along with this, it becomes a very good feature for those who are content creators. People who own big and small businesses also get benefits from this. What do you think of this new feature? According to the critics, it is really helpful as the company claims.

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