How to cover WhatsApp chat screen

How to cover WhatsApp chat screen? Are worry about that someone seen your private chat while you chat with a friend? and how to chat privately while you sitting in the middle of the family. so now after reading this post, you will happy, because we have the best instruction that really helps to hide your private chat.

If you chat with a friend while your all family present around you and no one displace from you. I know you will never try to chat with them why? because you fear someone seen your privacy as your family member. In this situation, what you will do.


I explain it lets have to look further into the post. How it works and how to save it.

Your privacy chats to hide are your responsibility. How to make a better responsible man.  while you chat on WhatsApp and anyone present behind you. how you will talk? yes, now you will chat on WhatsApp in front of everyone by the help mask app. this is an app the helps you hide your chat.

This is work as Curtin for any private room similarly this app also provides such a screen while you chat privately with a friend it covers your chat screen. Suppose when you chat and some sitting behind and unfortunately, you need a chat with a special friend.

How to cover the WhatsApp chat screen in your android smartphone?

I know you don’t you about this app anywhere. firstly you will download this mask app from below. you will have to scroll below to download the button from there you can easy to download this app. after all you can enjoy this app. and you can chat with a friend in front of all people by the help mask app that covers yours.


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