Play FAU-G on iPhone and iPad
Play FAU-G on iPhone and iPad

The FAU-G (Fearless And United – Guards) game is the opponent of the PUBG Mobile India. The Game is based on the heroism of the Indian armed forces. This game is launched in January 2021. At the time of launch, it was only launched for Android users.

iOS users are waiting for the launch of the game. Finally, the nCore games have launched the FAU-G game for iOS to play on iPhone and iPad. Today I am explaining to you about the FAU-G game launched for iOS users. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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FAU-G game launched for iOS played on iPhone and iPad

The FAU-G game is now available for iOS users. You download the FAU-G game from the app store to play on your iPhone and iPad. This game doesn’t have the Team Deathmatch mode. But they said it will be coming soon. FAU-G game launch for the iOS user with the only mode “Campaign” to play. In this mode, only fistfights are available no guns.

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The FAU-G game is a popular game with 5M downloads on Android devices. But its rating is not quite well on the Play Store. At the time of the launch, its rating was 4.5 but after some time its rating started falling. Currently, it has 3.1 ratings on the Play Store. This game was announced for the first time almost six months ago after the ban of the PUBG Mobile game.

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