WhatsApp chat look may totally change on the iPhone new Future update

WhatsApp New future update on iPhone allows users to change the Wallpaper for every individual and group chat separately.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. You must be setting the chat wallpaper. When you change or set the wallpaper for you chat then it will change for all the individual chat or group chat.

You must want to customize each chat or group chat individually in the WhatsApp. WhatsApp has started the work to roll out this feature. Today I am explaining to you about the WhatsApp new iPhone update change the look of all your chat. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Here is the full detail about the WhatsApp New iPhone update to change the look of all chat.

According to the WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on the new feature which allows the users to add the different-different types of wallpaper on each and every chat or group separately. It means you are now able to use the different images or wallpaper on every chat in the WhatsApp.


WhatsApp also, allows you to choose the 39 design wallpaper, 36 solid color wallpaper, and choose any picture from your gallery. You can choose which wallpaper is suitable for your every individual chat or group chat then set on your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is also testing the new feature which allows you to adjust the brightness of the wallpaper separately. You are able to reduce or adjust the brightness color from your smartphone.

These features help you to customize any individual chat and group chat according to you. If you want to change the wallpaper of ever chat according to you then you can do this same on your WhatsApp. Also, adjust the brightness color of your wallpaper separately once these features will roll out.

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