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7 Best optional Chinese apps for enhanced your privacy.




You must be so many apps on your smartphone. Most of the apps are Chinese on your phone and on the Play Store. So many Chinese apps are claimed that they collect the data of the user and also some personally identifiable information. Recently TikTok has been accused of sending the draft video of the user to the server of China. Chinese authorities can use your personal data if needed.

In China, it is wide open to access any data by the Chinese authorities and this is a matter of great concern. But here are some apps to keep your data safe and you have to use it on your phone. Today I am explaining to you about the 7 best Chinese apps optionally for enhanced privacy. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

List of the 7 best Chinese apps that you have to use without any issue of your privacy.

  • Triller optional of TikTok, Likee, Kwai

Triller optional of TikTok, Likee, Kwai
TikTok, Likee, Kwai

Triller is the short music video app just like TikTok. You can use this without any issue of privacy safety. The company of this app is based out of California. So many popular celebrities are on the platform including Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, Rita Ora, and many more. You can easily create a professional video on the Triller app like TikTok. TikTok has so many privacy issues and it is a major concern. You this app to keep safe your privacy.

  • Share Chat optional of Helo.

Best Chinese apps
Helo and Share Chat

Share Chat app offers the content to you in 15 regional languages. You can enjoy the regional language content without any issues of your data privacy. The company of this app is based out of India. Helo is also a popular app to find viral content for your entertainment. Indian consulting group conduct the survey and confirmed that Helo and other Chinese apps want the highly personal information of users. Helo gets access to the camera and microphone when there is no need for this. This is a higher great concern for the privacy information of the user. You have to be careful about this.

  • Google Chrome optional of UC Browser.

Best Chinese apps
Chrome and US Browser

You must be using the Google Chrome web browser on your phone and computer. Google Chrome is one of the best and popular web browsers for phones and computers. You know very well that Google takes very seriously about security and privacy. It always improves and updates the chrome to protect you and your data from harmful malware and some harmful website.

Google Play Store removed the UC Browser in 2017 for promotions of misleading. Also, it has so many controversies in the past. Citizen Lab published a detailed study that underlined glaring security vulnerabilities and privacy gaps in this app in 2015. UC Browser fixes those issues by releasing the new build.


But UC Browser not fixed all the issues, Citizen lab said. The University of Toronto flagged the DNS retention issue after this UC Browser came under the Indian government scanner for alleged data theft in 2017.

  • Files by Google optional of Share it, Xender

Best Chinese apps
Google file, Shareit and Xender

You the Files by Google app to share your files and receive files from others. This app also works like the file manager. Share it and Xender both are the files transfer app. Share it now providing the content on its platform. Other users can download your content while transferring the file.

  • Adobe Scan CamScanner optional.

CamScanner and Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the best to scan your document and it followed by the Microsoft Office Lens. Also, CamScanner is the most popular document scanner. Kaspersky found a Trojan Horse module inside the CamScanner app and it was deleted or removed from the play store last year.


Trojan downloader can download malicious modules depending on what its creators are up to at the moment, said by researchers. CamScanner was back on the Play Store after removing the code of malicious.

  • Norton App lock – App lock optional.

Best Chinese apps
App lock Norton and App lock

Norton app locks the best app lock to lock your app and protect your data. This app is similar to AppLock. You can secure your app and data using a password, Pin, and fingerprint. AppLock takes access to your camera, microphone, internal storage access. According to me, it is not required for AppLocker.

  • ProtonVPN – TurboVPN optional.

Best Chinese apps
 TurboVPN and ProtonVPN 

ProtonVPN provides you free VPN without any data limit. This app open-sourced its VPN tool, making it one of the most trusted VPN. TurboVPN is a popular and free VPN provider app. Innovative Connecting named company runs this app and it is based out of Singapore.

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