GamingBattlegrounds Mobile India Inkstripe Crate: Rewards, availability, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India Inkstripe Crate: Rewards, availability, and more




Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI, has always been the talk of the town with its new updates and captivating events. Now, the game has dropped a new Inkstripe Crate to woo gamers.

The crate consists of exclusive rewards along with a weapon skin that looks more than deadly. Moving forward in the article, we will talk about the BGMI Inkstripe Crate details, followed by how the players can get their hands on it.

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All you need to know about BGMI Inkstripe Crate

The Inkstripe Crate will bless the players with a weapon skin coupled with a Legendary character costume. The event will provide upgraded Mini 14 weapon skin, and the gamers will be supposed to take part in the event drawn in order to receive the awards. The event also comprises luck level.

This means once a gamer has participated in 50 draws, they can get Modification Material Pieces, Materials, and paint cans. The event will be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India for 26 days starting from January 28, 2024.

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Here is a list of rewards that you will get from the Inkstripe Crate

  • Inkstripe Tiger Helmet Skin
  • Fortune Cat Mini14 Skin (Level 1)
  • Inkstripe Tiger Set
  • Inkstripe Tiger Backpack Skin
  • Materials
  • Modification Material Pieces
  • Inkstripe Tiger Stun Grenade Skin
  • Inkstripe Tiger Cover

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How to get the Inkstripe crate in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

You just need to open the game on your smartphone and then tap on the crates menu available at the upper right corner of the screen. Head to the Inkstripe crate after that.

Here, you will see two options – 60 UC for a single draw and 540 UC for 10 draws straight. Select the pack you want to buy and approve the purchase after getting done with the payment. Now, the UC to buy the crate will be added to your account, and you are good to go.


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There is no sure-shot way to get the best rewards from the Battlegrounds Mobile India Inkstripe crate. Your luck will play a major role in the same. Nonetheless, if you are really lucky, then get ready to bag some of the best rewards, like the Mini 14 Skin, which can be upgraded to the fifth level. At every level, it will have different special effects and elimination broadcast animation.

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