WhatsApp working on the new AI-powered Images feature
WhatsApp working on the new AI-powered Images feature

WhatsApp is working on the new AI-powered Images feature. Users will be able to create AI-powered images quickly. It will provide a more personalized way to express themselves. The meta-owned messaging app is introducing AI-powered to enhance the messaging experience.

Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s upcoming AI-powered images feature. You must read this post till the end to know more about the AI-powered image feature.


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WhatsApp Working on a new AI-powered Image feature

WhatsApp is working on introducing a new shortcut within the chat attachment sheet to help users quickly create AI-powered images. This feature will use Meta AI to work, an intelligent assistant is capable of complex reasoning, following instructions, visualizing ideas, and solving nuanced problems.

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The Meta AI is currently available in specific countries and some beta users, so this new shortcut will initially be accessible only to those who already have access to Meta AI. The new shortcut to quickly create AI-powered images feature offers several advantages in generating such photos using a prompt, saving users time and effort, especially for those who frequently communicate using images.

It can also promote creativity by giving users instant access to personalized and unique image generation, inspiring imagination in certain situations. Users can create images directly within the Meta AI chat or via a command within their group chats if they don’t have access to this shortcut.

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The new AI-powered images feature is currently under development. However, the Meta-owned messaging will release the new AI-powered images feature for Android beta testers.

WhatsApp is also working on the new Generate AI Profile photos feature. The meta-owned messaging app is adding this feature to generate AI profile photos similar to creating and sharing AI stickers. The AI-powered profile photo generation will work with a prompt so users have to enter the prompt describing the kind of image they want, after which the AI will create a custom profile photo based on the prompt.

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