WhatsApp Manage Chat Storage Filters feature
WhatsApp Manage Chat Storage Filters feature

WhatsApp is rolling out the new Chat Storage Filters feature. Users can use the new chat filtering feature to manage storage. They can filter their conversation list to easily manage device storage.

Today I am explaining WhatsApp’s new manage chat storage feature. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the chat filter feature to manage storage.


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WhatsApp Chat Storage Filters feature to manage storage

The new feature has been discovered on the WhatsApp beta for iOS version With this feature, users can easily sort their conversations by specific types, like channels to make it simpler to focus on the content that matters when optimizing storage.

It is particularly useful for identifying which conversations or channels are taking up the most space allowing for a more straightforward clean-up process.

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The chat filtering option offers significant benefits for users, especially in cases where business accounts and personal channels might look similar in the list due to the same names or icons. Users can use this feature to distinguish between different types of content without the need to select the chat to see its content, reducing the risk of accidental deletion or mismanagement of critical information.

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It is a more organized approach to managing device storage, as it lets users isolate conversations or channels based on the selected filter. The new chat filtering feature for managing storage is currently rolling for some iOS beta testers. It is available on the WhatsApp for iOS beta version

Meanwhile, the meta-owned messaging app is working on the new block screenshots of the profile photo feature. This feature will enhance user privacy and reduce the risks associated with unauthorized sharing and distribution of personal images. Users won’t be able to take screenshots of your profile photos. It will protect privacy by stopping users from capturing and sharing profile photos without the owner’s consent.

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