WhatsApp new Voice Status up to 1 minute long 

WhatsApp is releasing a new feature Voice Status Updates up to 1 minute long. This feature extends the duration to up to 1 minute per voice allowing users to share their status updates without needing multiple recordings. Users can now share voice status updates for up to 1 minute in length.

Today I am explaining WhatsApp’s New Voice Status Updates up to 1 minute long. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the Voice status updates up to 1 minute in length.


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WhatsApp rollout new Voice Status Updates up to 1 minute long

The new feature has been discovered on WhatsApp for Android beta version or newer and iOS beta version or newer. Some beta users can now use the new voice notes shared through the status updates feature to record and share longer audio messages with their contacts.

The meta-owned messaging app is also releasing the 1-minute-long feature for voice notes by expanding the functionality even for voice status updates. One of the important things is to note that you may need to update your WhatsApp to listen to longer voice messages shared through status updates.

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The new feature to record and share longer voice notes eliminates the need to split messages into multiple shorter recordings for users. It also allows users to share their updates in a single, uninterrupted voice note to ensure their message is clearer and more cohesive.

The new feature voice notes up to 1 minute long for the status update is currently rolling out for some beta users on Android and iOS. It is available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS beta version or newer and or newer respectively.

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Meanwhile, the meta-owned messaging app is working on the AI-powered image feature. Users will soon be able to create AI-powered images quickly. This feature will use Meta AI to work, an intelligent assistant is capable of complex reasoning, following instructions, visualizing ideas, and solving nuanced problems.

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