WhatsApp Favorite Filtering Feature for Chats
WhatsApp Favorite Filtering Feature for Chats

WhatsApp is working on the new Block Screenshots of Profile Photos feature. This feature will enhance user privacy and reduce the risks associated with unauthorized sharing and distribution of personal images. Users won’t be able to take screenshots of your profile photos.

Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s upcoming screenshot blocking feature. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the Block feature for screenshots of profile pictures.


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WhatsApp Block Screenshots of Profile photo feature

This feature will restrict users from taking screenshots of profile pictures on iOS. When a user tries to take screenshots of their profile photos, a pop-up message will appear notifying users that taking screenshots of profile photos has been blocked to protect everyone’s privacy.

It will protect privacy by stopping users from capturing and sharing profile photos without the owner’s consent. This feature also gives more control over their personal information and reduces the potential for misuse of profile photos by implementing a technology that blocks the ability to capture screenshots within the app.

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While this upcoming feature won’t eliminate the complete risk of unauthorized image capture, but it represents a significant step toward reinforcing privacy. The meta-owned messaging app will reduce the risk of these photos being missed or distributed without proper authorization in the future by stopping the ability to take screenshots of profile photos.

The upcoming feature to block screenshots of the profile photos is currently under development. However, the meta-owned messaging app will soon release the screenshots-blocking of profile photos feature for beta testers on iOS.

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Meanwhile, WhatsApp is rolling out the new Manage Chat Storage Filter feature. Users can use the new chat filtering feature to manage storage. With this feature, users can easily sort their conversations by specific types, like channels to make it simpler to focus on the content that matters when optimizing storage. It is particularly useful for identifying which conversations or channels are taking up the most space allowing for a more straightforward clean-up process.

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