WhatsApp working on the new AI-powered Images feature
WhatsApp working on the new AI-powered Images feature

WhatsApp is working on a new Generate AI Profile Photos feature. The meta-owned messaging app is adding this feature to generate AI profile photos similar to creating and sharing AI stickers. Users can generate AI photos for their Profile to set as the Profile photo.

Today I am explaining WhatsApp’s upcoming Generate AI Profile photos feature. You must read this post till the end to know more about the Generate AI Profile Photo feature.


WhatsApp Generate AI Profile Photos feature

The feature will enhance user interaction and offer a more personalized experience. It offers users the ability to generate AI-powered profile photos in the future. They can create unique and personalized images that reflect their personality, interests, or mood more accurately than a standard photo using AI-powered profile photos for their contacts.

The AI-powered profile photo generation will work with a prompt so users have to enter the prompt describing the kind of image they want, after which the AI will create a custom profile photo based on the prompt.

The feature to generate an AI-powered profile photo will enhance the privacy of the user’s profile. Users will be able to share AI-generated images instead of real photos on WhatsApp which can reduce the risk of misuse or unauthorized sharing of their images.

The AI-powered profile photo generation feature is currently under development. However, the meta-owned messaging app will soon release the AI-powered profile photo generation feature for beta testers.

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