WhatsApp rolling out Passkey feature
WhatsApp rolling out Passkey feature

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Original Quality Photos and Videos feature. Users can now send photos and videos with original quality easily without wasting time browsing through multiple menus or folders.

Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s new ability to share media with original quality. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new share Original quality media feature.

WhatsApp new Original Quality Photos and Videos feature

The new ability Original Quality Media feature has been discovered on WhatsApp for Android beta version There is also a new entry point available within the document picker. The meta-owned messaging app makes it easier for users to select photos and videos from their app gallery with the new entry point shortcut.

Once you select the photos and videos from this shortcut, all the media will be shared as documents to keep their quality and HEIC metadata. It was already possible to share the media (photos and videos) as the documents to preserve the quality. But the new entry point simplifies this process by presenting the media picker, ensuring that users can quickly share media in their original quality even better than before.

When you share the photos and videos in their original quality, the new feature ensures the content maintains its original resolution, clarity, and fidelity. The photos and videos will not lose their details, sharpness, or color accuracy due to compression or downscaling during the sharing process.

The new ability to quickly share the original quality photos and videos is rolling out for some Android beta testers. The original quality media feature is available on the Android beta version


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