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Seven VPN services leaked over 1.2 TB of 20 millions users private Data according to Report test it.



1.2TB of 20 million users' personal data leak by seven VPN providers according to the Report.


Everyone wants to use a free VPN on your phone. Many people don’t know how to use the VPN on your phone. So many services and the website you cannot use without using the VPN on your phone.

But you know seven VPN services leaked over 1.2 TB of users private. Today I am explaining to you about these seven VPN leaked users data. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Here is the full detail of the VPNs data leaked.

According to the new report UFO VPN, Rabbit VPN, Free VPN, and four more VPN services leaked over the 1TB of users’ private data or information. These VPNs leaked a database of user logs and API access records without a password or authentication according to the report. So many users try to test the leak VPN.


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UFP VPN service providers were leaking the private data of the users, point out by the several reports. Computeritech found that VPN provider based on Hong Kong, UFO VPN revealed personal user information such as plain text passwords, VPN session secrets, IP addresses, connection timestamps, geo-tags, and device and os attributes in early July.

The Company said that no data or information was leaked. The Company was informed of the same and more than two weeks later, it fixed the issue allegedly. The total number of leaked data is 894 GB. These are the data of 20 million VPN users data leak users must have to test it.


Both free and paid customers and all the users of the services are affected by the leak data. VPNMentor found that UFP VPNs were not only one and six others that were linked to the general app developer and were found to be labeled white for other companies.

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Super VPN, Rabbit VPN, Secure VPN, Fast VPN, Free VPN, and Flash VPN are included. A total of 1.2 TB of data wad leaked. But these apps claim that they don’t log the original IP address or user activity of any user. You can test it that your VPN data is leak or not.


You know the potential impact of VPN leak data users must have to test it.

If your data is leaked then the thief can blackmail you. It can be fraud, viral attack, hacking doxing, cybercrime, etc. Users are advised that they must have to change their password. They have to also change or switch to the more secure VPN service provider.

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