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WhatsApp releasing two new features App Sidebar and Status Reply for Windows beta testers

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WhatsApp is releasing the new App Sidebar and Status Reply features for Windows. Users are now able to reply to status updates and see the new app sidebar on Windows. Recently it released the new Larger Group of 1024 participants feature for Certain Android and iOS beta testers.

Now it is rolling out the two new features for the Windows App sidebar and status reply. Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s two new features for Windows including Status replies. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new Status reply and app sidebar.

WhatsApp’s new app sidebar and status reply features

WhatsApp is rolling out new features for Windows beta including the new status reply and app sidebar. Users can now reply to the status updates on Windows. They can only reply to the status and see the status update. They are not able to create status updates on Windows. WhatsApp has rolled out a feature that allows users to see status updates in August.

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Certain beta testers are able to see the status update after releasing the view status update feature and now they are able to reply to the status updates. Users still cannot create the new status update but soon it will release the ability to create status updates after releasing the ability to reply to status updates.

It is also releasing a new app sidebar. Users can easily see the status updates, and access the Settings and their profile with the new app sidebar. The new app sidebar is similar to the Mac Catalyst app and allows users to easily reach the status updates.

WhatsApp is releasing the new app sidebar and status update reply features for Windows 2.2240.1.0 beta version. You can download the latest beta version 2.2240.1.0 from Microsoft Store and use these two new features app sidebar and status reply.

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