Mini Macintosh USB-C Charger
Mini Macintosh USB-C Charger

Basically, when it comes to chargers, hardly anyone is interested in them aesthetically but their features are the main attraction. Usually, they are – its size and yes its power to charge your phone as fast as possible.

Apple has made an out-of-the-box and aesthetically beautiful wall wart that had a glowing and cutely smiling screen. Many Apple fans are now obsessed with this tiny wall wart that looks like a Macintosh computer.


What’s in the Mini Macintosh USB-C Charger?

We are all that type of consumer that are happy to use whatever charger is provided to us in a box that comes with a smartphone. Basically, it’s a wise and efficient choice but there are now many companies that are now not providing chargers along with the smartphone in a box. And guess what, Apple is one of them.

To follow this, many companies tried but failed in this. In recent years, it’s going to be a trend and eventually, every company will follow the trend and stop providing its chargers. Due to this, the focus on the chargers is the main topic that companies have started paying attention to. Of course, the use of gallium nitride in the chargers is there to make tiny chargers and provide more powerful chargers to the consumers.

About the Mini Macintosh USB-C charger

So the name of the charger is shargeek. It is a retro 35GaNcharger with an adorable retro-inspired design. So when it comes to its features then it has 35 – watts of power which are enough for a laptop as well. It typically used a GaN technology and its size is just not that bigger than the 5- watt USB chargers. In short, it’s just like the normal Apple charger that the company previously shipped with an iPhone to its consumers.

The Retro 35 is implied with colorful LEDs to light up its tiny screen and indicate its charging status, ranging from white to yellow to blue to green depending on the power draw and charging status of the paired device. It also has a set of North American-friendly folding prongs on the underside.

Some of you would definitely like to change the smiling HappyMac Face on the screen so to fulfill that need, Apple has added an option where you can change the template and of course use emoticons, icons as well as images as per your choice. There’s also a transparent template provided where you can print your own transparent sticker material.

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