latest Android 11 features
latest Android 11 features

Google launched its new Android 11 operating system. It is currently for the beta version. But approximately it will roll out for all the phone. Android 11 has so many interesting and useful features. All the new features of android 11 will enhance your phone using experience. Today I am explaining to you about the latest Android 11 features. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Here is the detail for the Android 11 features.

latest Android 11 features
latest Android 11 features

Message bubble: This is a similar feature like the Facebook Messenger app. Basically chat ahead will appear on your phone screen.


Priority Notification: Priority Notification allows you to decide which notification is very important for you or which is a normal notification for you. You can set which message will show you first.

Notification Grouping: You can group the similar types of messages with the help of these features like all the WhatsApp message is in the one group, the Facebook message in one group, etc. It is available in Android but in Android 11 it makes more advance.

More Intuitive Notification: You can silent any the notification of the app. It has more control over the notification. If you want to silent the only Instagram notification and don’t silent the Facebook notification then you can do this. You will also find more visual changes in the notification area.

Power Menu: You will find the Google Pay option when you long-press the power menu button. Generally, you know that when you long-press the power button it will show you the Power off option, Restart option, etc. But now you will get the option to keep your favorite app in the power menu and use this as a shortcut. But normally you can access Google pay in the power menu button.

New Media Player: When you play the music it will open a small media player in the notification area. The theme color of the media player will be as the theme color of the cover art or album of the song. Also, you will get more advanced control in Android 11.

Picture and Picture Mode: You must be knowing about the Picture and Picture mode and obviously using this. You know that you cannot resize the picture and picture mode. But in android 11, you can resize the picture and picture mode. If you watch YouTube and Netflix you can resize the window of the picture and picture mode.

Built Screen Recording: You will find the inbuilt screen recording in the new android 11. Simply to use in one click just go to the quick setting. It will also show you the screenshot preview if you take a screenshot. It will also give you the option to edit and share.

App Suggestion: When you open the phone you will see some app in the bottom like Dialer, Chrome, Gallery, etc. But now it will show you the app according to your usage.

Recent Tab New Features: You can take the screenshot in the recent app tap. You can highlight the text, copy the text, etc in the recent tab.

Navigation Gesture: It improves the back invagation bar in android 11. If you long-press the back it will go to the back. You can adjust the sensitivity of the gesture.

Dark Mode System Schedule: You can schedule the dark mode setting on your phone. Schedule the dark mode that, it stays normal mode in day and dark mode at night.

Single Time Permission: You can decide that when you open any app it requires permission. This is the best feature for security purpose that it requires permission on the open app every time.

Voice Access Control: Voice access control allow you to control your whole phone with your phone. There is no need to take your phone and use it. You can directly access your phone with your voice control. It is an advanced feature than google assistant.

Do Not Disturb: You can select the certain app notification on to arrival. If any important notification or call when it rings. It will not ring if the notifications and calls are important.

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