Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app
Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app

At this time we all need to protect our phones to keep us safe from other strangers. Before any smartphone is used firstly you make sure your device is locked or not. if your device isn’t locked right now. So, you have to secure first your handset. Thai main question is how we protect our smartphones.

which lock is more secure for the device? and which app is better for you? there is only one answer to these questions. Yah! you are shocked at how it is possible. for more information, we have the best app found for that is secure your phone absolutely. The name is the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app. Let’s deal with it.


ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

ICE Unlock places the power of identity control back where it belongs in the hands of the consumer. Pictures of your finger are turned into a template using our proprietary process. The picture is immediately destroyed. Moreover, fingerprint templates are not transmitted to DFT or any other entity (government or otherwise).

The template is stored only within the secure storage area of your device, meaning it can only be accessed by ICE Unlock. The data stored on your device cannot be used to reverse-engineer your fingerprint.

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How to use the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner?

  • Once you download the app just open it.
  • When you open the app, you will see a pop-up screen appears.
  • You have to read first before accepting the license agreement.
  • It required some permission so then, you have to allow it.
  • To create a PIN tap on the continue button.
  • Insert the new PIN what would you like?
  • And then insert Your same PIN for confirming after a tap on the Done button.
  • To automatically open a screen, you have to put your hand left or right in the back camera.
  • Wait until capture your finger.
  • It will show, your fingerprint picture for verification.
  • So now enjoy the fingerprint lock app on your phone.

We mention above all step instructions on how to use the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner app.


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