iOS 16 Release Date
iOS 16 Release Date

Apple has recently launched the iOS 16 operating system for its use worldwide. The new system provides the facility of a walkie-talkie to the user. As per the report, the user also gets the feature of eSIM which can be easily connected via Bluetooth.

Besides, as per the report, the new operating system has some new features such as Apple Pay, a new messaging app, a new app for practicing NFT, and a widget lock screen. The users get easy access to the operating system such as Android and Windows.


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iOS 16 release with Walkie-talkie

The new iOS 16 release with a walkie-talkie feature by Apple is named ‘push to talk’. The operating systems give a better audio messaging facility to the user. They can also get access from the background. The new operating system has a better voice typing facility compared to the older iOS. With the help of the operating systems, the eSIM connection can be done very easily.

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The eSIM needs to be connected with Bluetooth. With the help of the operating systems, the iOS can share the same eSIM if they are nearby to each other and connected via Bluetooth. With the development of the new operating system, the company has added some extra hardware for a better and more comfortable user experience.

The introduction of the pen is one of the most important devices provided with the new operating system. With the help of the I pen, the user can also experience real-life writing on the gadget.

Apple also provides a new interface of nodes with the development of the new operating system. Besides, the new system solves the problem of low battery levels. It also provides a fingerprint sensor and wireless charging facility to the user.

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It’s launch

The beta stage of the operating systems is only launched in the market and is only available in the UK and USA. The operating system has an advanced and user-friendly interface. As per the report, the operating systems will be available with all iOS phones of any range by the end of the year.

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With the help of the operating system, the device gets access to SIM although it has only one SIM slot. The eSIM can also be connected by using an eSIM code scanner for quick connection. The new operating system shaves a developed interface and Apple provides the option of customizing the interface with the operating systems.

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