Facebook announced to add quite mode

Facebook will bring you quite mode that silent notification on mobile. After a pause it. Now we all are suffering from COVID-19. It is very important for us to stay at home to avoid this epidemic. Facebook announced to add quite a mode

There are some additions that are very difficult to give up. We all know that, Whenever happiness comes to the notification of social media, then we immediately become active to see it. Due to the notification of Facebook, we go online immediately. To see that notification.


Facebook has added new features. Bhosari is such as the user who gets a lot of additions from Facebook. It becomes very difficult to leave that addiction. Facebook always targets students to be at least active. And they are always bringing new updates for their users. Similarly, a new quite mode has been brought for those users.

Adding new interesting features for the user. And for such people, who are troubled by a lot of notifications. For those people, it is very important to turn on these quite a mode features.

Now you can pause notifications of facebook with limitations time. If you want to pause notifications and you just bore you can easy to silence the notifications. And set the scheduled time to play again. During pause notifications, you can get any Facebook notifications. In this way you far from the addiction of Facebook. Your monthly activities decrease more.

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