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WhatsApp video call extend more call

Video calling in-group is very important in the current situation to work from home or study at the home. So many video conferencing apps going to popular in the demands of work from home. Zoom app is one of the most popular video conferencing app in a few days. Zoom app became quite popular so all the video conferencing app and software are now working on to extend the number of people to add on a WhatsApp video call.

encrypted video calling
encrypted video calling

WhatsApp is also working on extending the number of people to add in video calls. Everybody knows that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app so how could it stay back. WhatsApp is also decided to extend the limit of video calling. You can only video call with four people simultaneously.


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Video calling features in WhatsApp.

So WhatsApp is also going to add an option to call with dozens of people like Google Duo and Zoom app. WhatsApp company can increase the limit of group video calling and this is the hint from WhatsApp beta version.

How to add video calling on whatsapp

According to the report of the WABetainfo, the extended group calling limit is provided in Beta version v2.20.128. This is only provided not to enable the public. This is not clear how many limits will be increased. But it will be announced shortly.

WhatsApp new second features are that a new call header is in the WhatsApp version v2.20.129. Basically this header will show you your video calling is end to end encrypted. You already know that end to end encryption means nobody can see/read your data neither WhatsApp nor any agency. Few days age WhatsApp dedicated a button to directly video call/ audio call to all the group members. These features will see upcoming day. so keep WhatsApp update.

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