WhatsApp Audience Control for Status Updates feature
WhatsApp Audience Control for Status Updates feature

WhatsApp is rolling out the new feature Audience Control for Status Updates. This feature allows users to control their Audience for Status Updates. Users have control over the content (Status Updates) they share and the recipients with whom they share it.

Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s new Audience control for the Status updates feature. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new Audience Control for Status updates feature.


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WhatsApp rolling out Audience Control for Status Updates feature

The new feature has been discovered on WhatsApp for iOS beta version There is a new audience selector option that allows users to select when sharing images and videos through status updates. They have control over the audience when sharing images and videos through status updates.

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Specifically, the meta-owned messaging app will prompt users to review the audience they are sharing their content with by allowing them to ensure it reaches the intended recipients. They will have the option to change their audience by selecting their favorite contacts before sharing images and videos via status updates that give them greater control over their sharing experience.

This feature enhances user privacy and customization to ensure users can easily manage who sees their updates. Users can double-check and consider more carefully whom they share their content with.

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The new audience control for status updates feature is rolling out for some beta users. It is available on the WhatsApp for iOS beta version

Meanwhile, the meta-owned messaging app is releasing a new share of up to 1-minute video in length to status updates. Users can now share status updates up to 1 minute in length on WhatsApp, marking a notable expansion to share more comprehensive moments and stories with their contacts. You can select a video that exceeds the previous 30-second limit when updating your status means this feature is available on your account.

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