WhatsApp working on Sticker Suggestions feature
WhatsApp working on Sticker Suggestions feature

For a long time, WhatsApp made many headlines about its new features and specifications. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new function called message reactions just like Instagram. A lot of rumors aired before the confirmation from the company.

Now, to take a step ahead, WhatsApp takes this feature to get on another level by adding a few emoji options to its users. As a part of the beta update, this feature has now started rolling out to the beta users. You need to know a few details about it which include.


About WhatsApp message reactions via emoji

A report by WABetaInfo says that as a part of WhatsApp beta for iOS ( and WhatsApp beta Android (, WhatsApp released the ability to react (give reactions) with emoji options to any message. However, to add more spice to it, WhatsApp included all possible emojis that can be used to react to a text message.

Initially, this feature supported only 6 emoji options which include – heart, laughing face, thumbs up, hands together, teary face, and surprised face. This feature replicates the reaction feature on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. But, now this feature takes a step ahead.

How to add other emojis through WhatsApp?

Well, this feature seems similar to Instagram. You just need to long press the text message after which an emoji panel shows up. From that panel select the ‘+’ option where you can find all possible emojis to react to a text message.

Additional features

WhatsApp and Instagram both come from a parent Meta company. You might also notice that many features show similarities in both apps. However, Instagram recently launched a feature where you can send an Avatar. Here, we design our Avatar and use it while reacting and also while video calling someone.

In a recent report and rumors, it’s said that – WhatsApp is now set to launch a feature where you can video call through Avatars. However, it’s semi-confirmed news because many features in both WhatsApp and Instagram seem to be similar.

This Meta-owned messaging app may allow you to design your own Avatar for WhatsApp. It’s said that you may also send WhatsApp Avatar stickers to each other. However, work on this feature is still remaining and all the developing processes are taking place.


The emoji feature seems to develop very soon and after clearing out the bugs, this feature is said to roll out in the stable WhatsApp community. The Meta-owned company tries to bring out the Avatar features as well but they seem to focus more on video calling.

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