Vani Meetings app
Vani Meetings app

You must want to see your friend’s screen or want to share your phone’s mobile screen. With the help of the share screen, you can see everything from your friends and phone. You can monitor your friend’s phone activities. Today I am explaining to you about sharing your phone screen or watching your friend’s phone screen. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Vani Meetings – Share Screen While Talking

Vani Meetings is one of the best apps that allows you to share your phone screen with your friends while talking. You can also watch videos, websites, and documents on your shared phone screen.



  • Watch your shared screen videos, Website, Documents, etc
  • No login required
  • Share phone screen while talking

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How can you Share Screen While Talking with the Vani Meetings app?

Make sure you have already the Vani Meetings – Share Screen While Talking app on your phone, if you don’t have it m, you must have to download this app. Now how can you download this app on your phone?

Go to the end of the post where you will find the download button. Press the download button to download and install the app on your phone. Open the app after installing it and grant the media file permission to this app.

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Tap on the Share Screen option and tap on the Start Now option. After this tap on the Share Link option and share the link to other phones with WhatsApp and other apps. Tap on that link on your shared phone and grant the microphone and media file permission to this app.

Now you can see all the activity of that phone from your phone. You can also listen to the voice of that phone activity. Tap on the End on the notification to disconnect the screen sharing with others from the Vani meetings app.


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