Giganticon big icons app
Giganticon big icons app

Your phone has apps, some are default apps and some are your downloaded. All app icons are the same size available on your phone. Also, you will see your app’s icon is too small to touch or see. You must adjust the size of your phone application.

Also, you must want to make your app icons big and set that big icon on your phone’s home screen. Today I am explaining to you about the make your phone icon Big Icons. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Giganticon – Big Icons

Giganticon is one of the best apps that allows you to make your app icons big. You can set your big icon on your home screen. You can also adjust the app icon size.


  • Make your app icons big
  • Set the Widget
  • Adjust the size of the app icon
  • Switch to the new in-app billing library

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How can you use the Giganticon – Big Icons app on your phone?

Make sure you have already the Giganticon – Big Icons app on your phone, if you don’t have one, you must have to download this app. Now how can you download this app on your phone?

Go to the end of the post where you will find the download button. Press the download button to download and install the app on your phone. Open the app after installing and add this app to the Widget and grant the media file permission to this app.

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Hold your home blank screen and tap on the Widget option the choose this app. After this put this app on your favorite app which icon you want to make big. You can also adjust the app’s icon size.


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