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LUDO Zenith the new popular strategy board game for android and iOS users

Use the Special Dice and Special Characters to enhance your user experience of playing the new Unique LUDO Zenith board game.

You must be playing so many online board games on your phone and LUDO is one of the most popular board games there is. It is also known to be the most played board game ever. If you are eager to play the best LUDO game in the market, the wait is over. Today I will give you a detailed and exciting review of the LUDO Zenith game which will keep you engaged and excited throughout the game. Read this post till the end to know more.

LUDO Zenith


The LUDO Zenith is one of the popular LUDO board games with a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store and you can easily play it on your Android/iOS smartphone. It is a two-player online game. This game is a new take on the popular strategy board game.

Square Enix is the Japanese mega game publisher which has produced the LUDO Zenith game. It has been an agenda for the company to break into the Indian Gaming Industry as there is a lot of potential in this market. JetSynthesys, the India-based game developer, has collaborated with Square Enix, and together they created this revolutionary game for the users. Square Enix has published many world-famous games like Marvel’s Avengers, Dragon Quest, Just Cause, Final Fantasy, and Tomb Raider.

Also, JetSynthesys has launched the viral Sachin Cricket Saga game, and recently it acquired Nautilus, the Real Cricket franchise developer, which is very popular in India.

How can you install the LUDO Zenith board game on your phone?

To install the game on an Android device, all you have to do is open the Google Play Store on your smartphone. After this, tap on the Search for app & games bar at the top of the screen. Type Ludo Zenith and then tap on the search icon to search the game. Tap on the install button to install this game on your Android smartphone once the game appears after the search. The game is only 70 MB and has been packed with so many features, which is unbelievable.

To install the game on an iOS device, open the App Store, hit the search button and search for the Ludo Zenith game, and tap on GET!


The first thing it asks you when you launch the game is to ‘Select Your City”. By doing this, you can see your ranking within your city, which brings about the best in users to perform as per their city. The game has two options: Play Online (with strangers) or Play with Friend. To play with your friends, one of you has to host a game by sharing a specific code that helps to create a 1v1 server. To join a game that your friends are hosting, all you have to do is tap on the ‘Play with Friend’ option and enter the code (six-character) and then tap on the JOIN GAME button and fire away.

LUDO Zenith game
LUDO Zenith game

Also, you can link your Facebook account to keep track of all your Facebook friends’ progress in the game. This game also comes with six ranks featuring a very unique leaderboard system that is T (for Training), D, C, B, A, and S. The Training rank consists of ten subsections and all the other ranks have three sub-levels. You can unlock a new arena to play by increasing your rank.

The Player Profile option helps you to know the complete details of the various types of ranking, analytics, and past match details which are at the top of the Home Screen. The Graphics of the game is very colorful and aesthetic.

LUDO Zenith game
Leaderboard System

The 3D arenas

The 3D arenas and special superpower characters of this game make this game completely different. When the users change view angles and zoom in/out the board while they are playing the game, users are drawn to their full elements. The 3D arena lets you analyze the game from every angle.

Music will play when you are playing the game. If you want to turn on or turn off the music then you can easily turn off/on the Music and SFX from the settings option. One of the best things about this board game is that it offers you to play the game with both hands. If you want to play the game with your left hand then you can easily change. You can shift from right-handed mode to left-handed mode, or from right-handed to left-handed before every match.

Special Characters

The game offers you three different characters initially: The Rabbit, Turtle, and Rhino. These three characters make your game very interesting and fun. The Rabbit has the ability to change the dice result and makes it double. The Turtle can shield itself from enemy attacks to avoid getting captured. The Rhino can easily capture all the enemies in his way. Users can use these superpowers in the game.

But make sure you have the character’s energy is full before using these superpowers. Character’s energy can fill with the energy dice. The energy dice provides some energy to either player each time the dice is rolled and fills the energy bar bit by bit.

Special Characters
Special Characters

Special Dice

One of the very interesting and unique concepts of this game is that it offers you very special dice that can roll out numbers greater than 6. Users can use these Special Dice three times while they are playing a match in LUDO Zenith.

Currently, four Special Dice is are available. You can pick one Special dice before starting the game. If you want more Special Dice once you have used them up, then you can get Special Dice by Watching ads or purchase them using in-app currency. In-app purchase is used to buy the in-app currency (coins) and package prices range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 3,999. In-app coins are used to enter certain higher-grade arenas and to purchase Special Dice. You can also earn in-app coins. Earning in-app coins can be done on a daily login basis, or by winning matches, or by watching ads.

Special Dice
Special Dice

Game Lives and In-app Purchases

The game also offers you three lives to enter the match. One life is required to enter one match and play. If you lose the match then you will lose one life. In case you lose all three lives, then you have the benefit of gaining one by watching a dedicated ad. To make the game extremely competitive, lives are generated on a daily basis.

The next day you will get a three-lives again. Users will get experience points to increase their level in each game they play. Each time they level up, they will get coins as reward items and many more. Currently, the starter pack costs only Rs. 89. In these starter packs, users will get 5 Special Dice, 2,500 coins, and an ad-free experience for 30 days

Player Tags

Players can unlock Player Tags, which will be displayed to their opponents before a match with their username, rank, city, and win rate. To unlock Player Tags, they have to achieve goals inside and outside the match. They can pick one Player Tag to wear out of all the Player Tags they have unlocked so far. To change their Player Tags, they have to go to the Player Tag section.

Player Tags
Player Tags


It is one of the most unique and extremely entertaining Ludo games. It also brings about a sense of refreshment to the gaming community. Recommend all of you to go ahead and give it a try. If you want to know more about the game visit https://ludozenith.com/

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