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PUBG Mobile India game re-launch and FAU-G game launch date full details.

The PUBG Mobile India game will be re-launch in the second or third weeks of January, according to the report. Also, the FAU-G game will reveal the launch date that it will release on 26 January.

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PUBG tried to come back to India after the ban. Indian PUBG players are waiting for the PUBG deadly. When will the PUBG Mobile come back? The Gamers/users are waiting for the launch of the PUBG Mobile alternative game FAU-G game. The PUBG Mobile India game would be re-launch in India and the Rumor about the PUBG is very strong.

Also, the FAU-G game is ready to launch and it reveals its launch date. Today I am explaining to you about the PUBG Mobile Game re-launch date and FAU-G game launch date. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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PUBG Mobile re-launch and FAU-G game launch Date details.

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The PUBG Mobile India game may be re-launched in the second or third week of January, according to some media reports. According to the other media report, there is no possibility to re-launch the PUBG mobile game in January. But it seems that it may be re-launch before month March.

Recently the PUBG Mobile parent’s company Krafton Inc had appointed Aneesh Aravind as the new country manager for India. It also appoints four more people on board to the team, according to the report.

The FAU-G game has revealed its launch date and the game will launch on 26 January and also on that day is Republic Day. The Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar shared the FAU-G game Anthem with the pre-registration link.

The gameplay will be based on India’s recent armed conflict against China at the Galvan Valley border. The FAU-G brings the same competitive online player ecosystem the way PUBG mobile has done or purely as a level-based personal driven shooter game.

This game serves as an educational tool to teach or make learn the player know about the sacrifices of soldiers of the Indian Defense Services. Also, one more important thing is that 20% of the total revenue generated by this game will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer trust according to the previous report.

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