JioMart is started Online portal through the WhatsApp during the lockdown.


Reliance started its JioMart online e-commerce portal on whatsapp. This is the unit of the reliance retail and this e-commerce service is live in the some areas of Mumbai. Recently, Reliance formed a partnership with Facebook. Facebook said that it would invest 5.7 billion, 43,574 crores in Indian rupees in the digital assets. JioMart will extend its service to the people through the WhatsApp. WhatsApp will become the primary way to shop to communicate with the customer, Facebook hope that through the partnership with JioMart. JioMart is ready to challenge the Amazon and Flipkart by starting its testing. Jio starts jiomart on WhatsApp.

You have to save the JioMart WhatsApp number 8850008000 in the phone contact list. JioMart will give a link to the customer to place an order. The company shares it with the grocery shop on WhatsApp. According to the JioMartLites website, customers will notify via WhatsApp, When, and Where to pick up the items.


In the Thane, Navi Mumbai and Kalyan regions of Maharashtra Reliance retail introduced JioMart this year in January on the basic of Pilot testing. The official statement of Reliance has not announced it at this present time.

The Statement of Reliance Industries that new partnership between Reliance Jio Platform, Reliance Retail, and WhatsApp, Customers will be able to transact soon in JioMart using WhatsApp to get easy access to their nearest grocery stores and products in their homes and get services. WhatsApp is the most popular app and best of business.

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