WhatsApp voice message
send WhatsApp voice message without touch your cell phone

Whatsapp has unexpected features that really deserves praise. Now you can send WhatsApp message without touching the screen of your phone. chatting with our friends can be a lot of fun, but sometime you may slow to reply at the same time. So today we serve you a secret trick that helps to make faster WhatsApp answers. Let’s start from the beginning and read till the end then you will get a complete guide in detail.

You can reply to voice messages to make faster on WhatsApp. Everyone likes voice right? I hope you enjoy WhatsApp with lots of fun.


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How to send WhatsApp messages with a voice command?

This trick is very useful for you why? because when you busy yourself walking, cooking, working, and in your hand. In this condition, you reply to the message quickly by the voice out loud without touching the phone. That is really amazing.

send voice message by google assistance
send a voice message by google assistance.

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If you really want to answer by your voice command you need the Google Assistance tool, which is already pre-installed on an android device. let’s do:

  • Say “Ok, Google” on the main screen.
  • When the assistance respond, say: “Send a WhatsApp to (name of the message you want) and record the message that you want.
  • Confirm the shipment and villa.
  • So, you easily send your response or new message just by ordering it your cell phone for the reply.

You can also try this trick on your iOS smartphone device with the help of Siri. I give you a special trick that really good for you and make more fun with friends.

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