How to pre-book Nothing Phone 1
How to pre-book Nothing Phone 1

Its being announced that Nothing has been confirmed yet users will be able to get their hands on the Nothing phone. Prior to that it will be on sale then pre orders will be invited in the system. The invite system has this similar mechanism like OnePlus during its launch time.

However this one year wait will let few customers pre-boom the phone for themselves prior to its launch. Here you can know everything about the Nothing phone (1) pre-order invites.


Nothing phone (1) : How to pre-book the device?

To pre -book the Nothing phone (1), simply head to the website and search the pre-booking section at the top. Want to know more and learn more, then follow the ‘Join the Waitlist’ button.

Read Nothing phone (1) Glyph interface:

Its all about those lights on the back which users will be asked to login with their Google, Apple or Nothing account.

When you sign in one single time, after that you will be able to register yourself. Proceed with email Id and use the same emails I’d when you are registering yourself on Flipkart. If you don’t follow the process, you will not be able to receive the invitation and use items while purchasing the phone.

Nothing will send you an invitation through email when it’s your alteration to receive one but you can check your profile page on the Nothing website to check your file and appeal to friends.

Nothing phone (1) How to invite system work only?

The Nothing gives permission and also invites interested customers to register themselves on that particular website to pre-book the device.

If you choose a private community, you will not need an invite code. Its the same process for all the users who will join the Waitlist for the same.

It could launch with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G + chip. Pre-booking the phone will give its singles to see the position in the Waitlist and their user to do the same. It will be shifted to the Waitlist as well. The people who are on Waitlist will have to pay for a pre-booking amount of Rs 2,000. After this the amount will be deducted from the cost for the phone when it launches in the market. The launching date is July 12.

This Nothing phone launches on July 12 and the users will be able to log into Flipkart easily. If they buy a phone, they will get a discount of Rs 2000 from the conclusive cost. Users who will use a pre-book. The phone will also get a few exciting offers but this news is not sure yet. After launching the Nothing phone on July 12, we will come to know more about these offers.

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