Apple new updated version
Apple new updated version

Apple has recently announced major changes to its software for smartphones, tablets and computers. In the final conference, Apple developers decided to make WWDC a fortunate opportunity for Cupertino to show how its software will change after this year when it’ll finally come out for consumers globally. Apple releasing their operating system updated version.

iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura and WatchOS 9 produce considerable reversal. It comes with a high-end iPad to improve multitasking and empower iPhones to be converted into web cameras with their Macs. All these new features of software are coming to Apple. Apple is the most popular product in market areas.


Five most important launches that will convert iPhone, iPad, Mac and the Apple Watch in a fortune way. The new features of iOS 16 have the power to edit and send messages you have currently sent. If you want to use the Apple Message application every time, you will be able to edit messages after it is sent.

Apple users will have only 15 minutes to edit an unused message. This new features helps to recover the deleted messages for up to 30 days on iOS 16.

iPhone 14 max know about Apple’s upcoming 6.7 inch phone.

The iPhone 14 Max is going to be the most popular phone of 2022. It comes with a new lock screen and gimmicks. The screen opens multitudinous times a day to check your notifications and time gets an individuality of its own. When we talk about Android phones, they have had a customizable lock screen for years.

But for iPhone users, customizable lock screens are a new concept for them. Now they will allow and able to apply different styles and fonts and other information in a flash. The mini automata will show the weather, activity, alarms and much more.

In an Apple watch you just need to long press the screen to navigate different lock screen options and the settings will help you to show fortune options for you. Users can create custom lock screens located on when they are doing work or staying at home.

iPhone As A Webcam On A Mac

Tell bye-bye to the Camo app which you are using on your iPhone. Now it’s time to use a night-resolution camera as your Mac webcam. With iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple has made it easy to convert your iPhone into Mac’s webcam after Apple new update version on their operating system. This camera is called a Continuity Camera.

On the other hand the good part is that your Mac will automatically recognize when your iPhone is nearby. Without wakeup and unlocking you can connect to your Mac automatically. This Continuity Camera works with facetime, Zoom, Teams, WebEx and other famous video conferencing apps. The other features are Called desk Views Shows.

Bird-eyes can open your desk by just using the iPhone ultra wide angle camera and picture processing. This is an amazing way to make unboxing videos. Continuity Camera will easily be rolled out as a feature when macOS Ventura and iOS 16 are coming out of this fall. This feature will be available too. All Macs are capable of running macOS Ventura.

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