Dbrand new skin Something like Nothing Phone 1
Dbrand new skin Something like Nothing Phone 1

The company Dbrand definitely knows how to create exciting and new products to keep up with the trend. To your surprise, new smartphone skin called ‘Something’ is released by the company at the very right time. However, this new smartphone skin promises to transform your phone completely.

It’s available for Pixel 6 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and Galaxy S22 Ultra as well. This phone had a look like a Nothing Phone (1). However, regarding the Nothing Phone (1), the reviews are promising.


Dbrand new skin Something like Nothing Phone 1

There are many statements that went viral such as – “Some might accuse us of theft. Here’s our counter: we stole nothing,” the company says on its website. Along with this, the company also stated that it took a lot of time in inspecting the electronic devices and study the design. It stated, “uniquely qualified to rip off an industrial design and ‘creatively reinterpret’ it for other devices.”

Dbrand also adds, “That’s not theft – it’s plagiarism, which is definitely not a crime. We checked.” Dbrand is a popular company that is known for its unique and different marketing stunts. Even if you recall the end of the last year, you’ll notice that the company stopped selling custom PlayStation 5 faceplates.

This made headlines for several days after the company received a letter from Sony about cease-and-desist. However, after a few days, the ‘Darkplates’ was announced by the company as a very new version. Along with its release, the company also claimed that Sony will not drag a legal case against it.

Although, the possibility of involvement of Carl Pei in ‘’Something’s” launch is much lower because of the previous incident. But, the involvement isn’t guaranteed at all. Besides, Carl Pei is widely known for using guerrilla marketing strategies because of which he has managed to keep One Plus on the map. On the official Dbrand website, the Something Smartphone skin is available just at $24.95.

What’s so special about it

The smartphone skin called ‘Something’ by DBrand resembles Nothing Phone (1). Unlike the other products, the availability of the smartphone skin is limited. As mentioned earlier it’s available for only three different phones.

Although, the smartphone skin comes in white color. Along with this, Something is also mimicking Nothing’s fit font which makes it look amazing and attractive. It also gives a faux look to the phone’s internals which makes it very unique just like Nothing Phone (1).

However, it’s worth noting that the marketing strategies and the design of the Nothing Phone (1) should be appreciated. It has created a trend and because of its unique and extremely different style, people are getting attracted. Along with this, the reviews also help in creating hype because they Dbrandreleased Something.

However, Carl Pei and Nothing’s reactions have everyone’s eyes on them after they see the release of Something. Dbrand has do not ever hesitate to get into controversy so it’s worth noting all the reactions and the statements.

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