YouTube new UI for Video Player
YouTube new UI for Video Player

YouTube rolls out the new UI user interface for the Video Player in full screen. You must be using it for entertainment and education purposes and it is one of the most popular video-sharing and Social Media Platforms. Users find all types of videos as per their search queries. YouTube always roll out new feature and improvements to improve the users’ experience.

Now it released the new UI for the video player on full screen. Today I am explaining to you about the YouTube new user interface for the Video Player. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new user interface for the video players.


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YouTube new redesigned user interface (UI) for Video Player

YouTube released the new user interface for the full-screen video player. The new UI makes it easier for users to like, dislike, and add the video to the playlist. Users can also easily add comments to the video on full-screen and share the video. Also, users can see the “More videos” button at the bottom of the right corner to see all related videos. You have to simply tap on the “More videos” button to see all the related videos.

YouTube new UI for full-screen player
YouTube new UI for the full-screen player

As you can see on the given image above that, the Like, Dislike, Comment, Playlist, Share, and More Videos buttons are available when you watch the videos on landscape mode. You have to tap on the video to access these controls when you watch the video on the landscape. In the new UI, the landscape mode looks the same as the Portrait mode with all controls. You had to tap on the comment section in the Portrait mode to access the comment on the old user interface.

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But in the new User interface, you can access the comment in the landscape mode by just tapping on the comment icon and it will open alongside the video. YouTube’s new UI is released for both Android and iOS users. But currently, not all users are getting this new UI. Md Ali Harshad the Writer of this post got the new UI (Today). So all the users will get the new UI soon.

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