WhatsApp Undo Deleted Message
WhatsApp Undo Deleted Message

Sometimes, it is frustrating to mistakenly press the “delete for me” button when trying to delete a message for everyone in either a personal chat or a group chat. Worse, the message intended to delete might be a very embarrassing message. The good news, WhatsApp owned by Meta is working to introduce a new feature that will allow users to retrieve deleted messages with the WhatsApp undo button.

This new feature will enable users to undo a deleted message by mistake. The WhatsApp undo button will pop up towards the lower end of the screen for a short period, which will then enable users to undo a deleted message.

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WhatsApp new Undo Deleted Message Button

Just like the “WhatsApp delete message for everyone”, this feature is only available for some time. Once the time-space is up, it becomes impossible to undo a deleted message as the WhatsApp undo button will not pop up — According to the WhatsApp update tracker, WABetaInfo. According to reports, this feature will available for WhatsApp Android beta version first. This feature spotted on the Android beta version

The new feature will work similarly to how the to undo option appears for Gmail after clicking the send button. It gives the user just a few seconds to retrieve the message. A feature that is similar to this is already available on other chat sites like Telegram.
Also, WhatsApp users should anticipate several new features and updates to make their chat experience smooth and better.

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WhatsApp Undo Deleted Message, Image Credit: WABetaInfo
WhatsApp Undo Deleted Message, Image Credit: WABetaInfo

Reports show that WhatsApp is constructing a feature of a new chat filter for desktop users that will hide all read chats, showing only the unread chats. Also, a bonus feature WhatsApp is working on allowing users to share files of over 2GB on WhatsApp. It is fixing the earlier bug of not being able to send large files.

Also, WhatsApp added a “react to message” feature. This allows users to react to their favorite message by simply long-tapping on it for some seconds. WhatsApp also improved the number of users in a group chat from 250 participants to 512 participants per group chat. Awesome right!

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However, WhatsApp users should note that the WhatsApp undo button and other new chat features are still under construction. It is not yet confirmed when the feature will be released for users.


The new WhatsApp undo button feature will be a good development as it will save a few mistakes of sending the wrong messages to someone. To get this new feature once it gets added to the WhatsApp interface, users should update their WhatsApp from the Google play store or Apple store to enjoy the new feature.

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