WhatsApp HD Quality Media
WhatsApp HD Quality Media

One of the recent updates from the digital world is that WhatsApp is introducing an update for the WhatsApp business beta users. WhatsApp testing the new author information and the new update is already under process. The company is performing various tests for the smooth running of the update and the app.

A lot of new tools will be introduced with the update. WhatsApp will soon introduce this tool on their social media platforms and on their YouTube channel. These updates will help the users and business persons to conduct better and more convenient business deals and business meetings.


WhatsApp testing New author information

With the recent update, the users can check and gather more detailed information about the person in their outgoing messages. The update of the feature is available for both Android and iOS users. It also provides the feature of renaming linked devices which are released earlier. Moreover, the users can view the device name from which the message is sent.

This information will be available in the info section of that particular message. Besides, a bigger group can be created after the users avails the new update. With the recent update, the users can add 512 people to a group. It also provides the feature of money transfer through UPI and bank.

Impact of these features

With the help of the updates, the users can easily connect with another person safely. The users does not need to share their bio-data before starting a conversation. They can easily view this information from the profile of the person in their outgoing message. Besides, the feature of money transferring will help the users to conduct a safe and non-interrupting transaction.

The users can easily transfer money by linking their bank accounts. Moreover, paying bills with WhatsApp will be more convenient compared to other payment methods. The update of adding more participants have helped business persons and managers to connect with many people with a minimum effort.

Future evolution

It is assumed that WhatsApp will add the feature of bank balance checking and bank statement viewing for the users. Moreover, the limit of the number of participants in a group will be increased in the future to connect more people on the same platform. The company is also planning to add more information about the users by adding more content to their profile. This will help in better relationship building and communication.

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