WhatsApp New Audio Call Bar Feature
WhatsApp New Audio Call Bar Feature

WhatsApp is rolling out the new feature Audio Call Bar. users can manage outgoing audio calls within the app using the latest audio call bar. The meta-owned messaging app enhances call navigation while the user leaves the calling interface which makes it easier to manage it.

Today I am explaining WhatsApp’s new Audio call bar feature. You must read this post until the end to know more about the Audio call bar feature.


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WhatsApp rolling out New Audio Call bar feature

The new feature has been discovered on WhatsApp for Android beta version Users can use the new feature to manage outgoing audio calls within the app. Users will get greater control over the outgoing calls with a revamped call bar that appears at the top of the interface when they minimize the call.

Earlier, users had to tap on the green status bar to return to the call. Users can now both mute and end the call directly to eliminate the need to navigate back to the call screen using the new call bar feature.

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It enhances multitasking capabilities by allowing users to manage outgoing calls easily. Users can continue with other tasks or conversations within the app while still having quick access to some call controls while experimenting with a more modern interface for the call bar on WhatsApp.

The new audio call bar feature is currently rolling out for some beta testers on Android. It is available on the WhatsApp for Android beta version

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While meta-owned messaging has also rolled out the new Camera Zoom control feature. You can now capture exactly the shot you want using the new zoom control feature for the camera. You will see a new button that allows them to adjust the zoom level using the new feature. Previously, They had to keep their finger on the camera button and swipe up or down to change the zoom level while recording.

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