Instagram pin three posts feature
Instagram pin three posts feature

While creating a social media post, there’s a lot that a user has to go through. Probably this is why we all check out engagement and post views every now and then. By analyzing this, Instagram has now found a way through which you will get more visibility and increase your engagement.

More about the Instagram Pin Three Posts feature

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri introduced the new feature in a video that was posted on the platform. It stated that “Your profile is your space, so we’re looking for more ways to give you control over that experience.”


Pin posts at the top of your Instagram profile.

First of all open any post then after that click on the three dots at the top right corner. Right after that, choose the option “pin to your profile.”

The goal of the Instagram new Pin three posts feature

The sole purpose of this new feature is to allow companies/brands and creators a new method on the platform to express themselves by allowing them to choose how other users will interact with their grid.

Mosseri also introduced a larger 90-second format, audio imports, and interactive stickers for Reels, in addition to Pinned content. Make sure you have the most recent version of Instagram installed on your phone before using the grid pinning feature.

What is the need for pinning a post? Why do you need it?

First of all, it’s a good feature to get more visibility for your best-created content. As an influencer or a content creator, this is the best chance and a feature to highlight your best work. If you’re a business owner, you can use pins to highlight any current promotions, discounts, or campaigns.

At your most important posts, you can get more visibility and engagement
As mentioned earlier, this allows you to let your viewers see your best work and with that, you can get more engagement with your content. More than that, even if you are confused about your multiple best works, you can pin those posts on weekly basis.

This feature can help you reach your visibility goals in less time, whether you’re an Instagram user hoping to get your favorite photos or reels seen or a creator looking to show off your skills. Both iOS and Android users can use the Instagram New Pin feature. The methods for both operating systems, however, are similar.

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