TikTok launches Customizable Avatars

TikTok launches the new Customizable Avatars. Customizable avatars are a recent trend right from the Snapchat avatar and a Metaverse awareness among the people. Apple’s memoji is also on the radar from a long time as well.

Now TikTok is entering the chat to follow the trend and increase the hype more than before. TikTok’s avatar is very similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji and Apple’s Memoji. It also allows it’s users to customize their own avatar.


TikTok launches the Customizable Avatar

On an official blog post, TikTok announced TikTok Avatars. In the blog, it also explained that how users can use the features and use it more efficiently and showcase their creativity along with their individuality.

To access the TikTok Avatar’s looks, one can go to the effects section and create as many Avatars as you want with customized looks. Just like it’s competitors, even TikTok provides the similar features to Avatars like Bitmoji and Memoji.

Because of this feature, the user can changes many essential elements like skin tone, face shape, facial features, and so much more. In addition to this, to create your perfect Avatar, you can choose your style from an array of hairstyles, piercings, make-up, and other sorts of jewelry. As soon as your Avatar is created, it is saved in the Avatar feature of the app.

Usage of the TikTok’s Avatar feature

The Avatar will be morphed on the users face and mimic the facial expressions of the user. It can mimic various facial features of the user so it’s very efficient and fun to use. Once the Avatar is saved, the user can create videos using the Avatar feature where instead of user’s own face, Avatar will be visible.

Along with this, TikTok says that the company and app developers are much more invested in making this feature as much inclusive as it can so that it can be able to represent it user more efficiently and in a very proper way so the improvements and innovations will be constantly made in this feature.

There are high chances that TikTok’s users can combine TikTok Avatars and TikTok’s pre-existing voice feature to keep their anomity. This feature has created and provided a comfortable platform for the people who struggle to talk with people in person.

This feature has created a new hype among all TikTok users in the world. You can try this feature by updating the app and creating your own Avatar.

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