Touch Look Screen Easy & strong photo password Application.


Touch Look Screen It is a new style password unlocking a phone by touching specific parts of the photo. In the topic, we will tell you about an application that is very imaging application. It is a display lock application.

There is a very good feature of this application. If you download this application on your phone. With the help of this application, the entire app of your phone will be locked.


Display a cool photo on my cell phone screen and use it as a quick and simple way to unlock by touching specific positions of the photo.

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The touch lock screen can simply set a touch password with the touch of specific positions on my photo such as eyes, nose, mouth, face, or hand. This is a photo touch lock screen app, With the help of this application, you can lock your screen. You can customize this lock screen according to you and lock your screen completely.

One-Touch Lock Screen provides an advanced level of security as both Photo and Touch position set on the lock screen become a touch password.

  • Lock your phone easily.
  • You can customize the lock screen according to your needs.
  • You can also put your photo in the background on your home screen.
  • This is a very easy new version lock screen.
  • You can set a recovery password Pin Password for in case you don’t remember the touch lock screen password.
  • select an image from the wallpaper or gallery or the camera.
  • set a touch lock password in two or four selected positions.
  • You change the theme and can set a new theme.

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How to download the app

If you want to download this application without wasting time then a link is given below. Click on it and easily download this application. Enjoy after downloading.


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