Touch Protector to prevent unintended operations Application.

prevent unintended operations Application. -

Touch Protector to prevent unintended operations Application.

Lock any apps alive. The game, Video, Music. The best of the touch blocker

In the topic, we will tell you about an application that is very imaging application. It is a display lock application. There is a very good feature of this application. If you download this application on your phone. With the help of this application, the entire app of your phone will be locked. If the children of your household touch it, it will not work, it will stop working at all.

If you do not want your phone to be used by anyone, then download this application on your phone. With the help of this application, the screen of your phone will be locked, the whole system will be locked. No person can tamper with your phone

Touch Protector is a touch disabling app to prevent unintended operations on the touch screen and buttons. This app disables touch operations on the other app which is displayed on the screen. Most customizable and no ads.

Features of the app,

With this app, you can now block touch on the screen

Automatically unblock on an incoming phone call

Automatically start the application on boot

Lock the touch screen during video playback and Let your kids always focus on Video or Photo.

Easy and simple app which helps you to watch videos and music without touching your screen

While playing the music video, you can walk locking the phone and putting it in the pocket.

When showing a picture to your friend, by locking the phone and handing it over, you can prevent other photos from being seen.

Automatic locking is possible when putting in a pocket or bag with proximity sensor lock.

How to download this application?

If you want to download this app. You scroll down below you see the download button and there you can easy to download this app.
And enjoy it after downloading.

Friends, do not miss this application at all and take advantage of this application.

Thank you for Download.


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