pubg Season 14 release date
PUBG Season 14 release date

You must be playing the PUBG Mobile game. Pubg is one of the most popular online playing mobile games. PUBG game increasing its update day by day and now it updating new season on it. Today I am explaining to you about the release date of PUBG mobile Season 14 Royal Pass and leaks Reward. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

PUBG Mobile new update brings various new outfits in its Royal Passes every time. PUBG Mobile has currently season 13 ongoing in the game. Season 13 of Royale Pass has some really cool mythic outfits available. The potential PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royal Pass release date and season 14 reward leaks.


Release Date of PUBG Mobile Season 14.

pubg Season 14 release date
PUBG Season 14

Royal Pass of Season 13 will end on 12th July 2020. Season 14 will release after two days when the Royal Pass of Season 13 will end. It means season 14 will release on 14th July 2020. PUBG Mobile players will be able to buy the new Royal Pass and get the outfits and different interesting items from it.

Season 14 Royal Pass will be based on the Spark The Flame. Some New awards and great weapons will be in the PUBG Mobile upcoming season. PUBG rewards players with various outfits and weapons for crossing tiers in mobile games. Players will receive some cool tier prizes on Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Tier and Ace Tier in season 14.

An outfit and a mask are the tier rewards for Gold and Platinum tier. Players will get the mask after Gold tier mission completion. The Player will get a unique outfit as the tier reward when the player reached Platinum tier and Complete its tier mission. The Player will get an M24 when the player reached the Diamond in season 14.

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