Jio Happy New Year 2024 Plans
Jio Happy New Year 2024 Plans

Jio has launched 5 new international roaming plans for Football World Cup 2022. FIFA World Cup is starting next week and Jio has launched exclusive plans for users to watch the match and allows users to experience the internet service even after they travel in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

The Football World Cup 2022 will be available in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Today I am explaining to you Jio’s five new Football World Cup International Plans. You have to read this post till the end to know more about Jio’s new Football World Cup plans.


Jio 5 new Football plans

Jio’s new international roaming plans are separated into two main Categories Data only packs and Data, Voice, and SMS packs. Customers can pick a plan based on the number of matches they will experience in Qatar. Users can subscribe to the plans.

The new international plans are available in the 3 Countries Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. The new international plans start at Rs 1,599. Jio has introduced two data packs and three Data, Voice, and SMS packs.

The new Data plan starts at Rs 1,199 that offer 1GB of high-speed internet data and the validity of the new data plans validity for 5 days. The second data plan cost Rs 5,122 that offers 5GB of high-speed internet data and validity for 21 days.

The Data, Voice, and SMS pack starts at Rs 1,599 that offers 1GB of high-speed internet data, 100 SMS, and 150 minutes of calling local and calling back to India and incoming calls. The validity of the Rs 1,599 plan for 21 days.

The Plan of Rs 3,999 offers 250 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls each, 3GB of high-speed internet data, and 100 SMS and validity for 30 days. The fifth plan costs Rs 6,799 and it offers 500 minutes of outgoing calls and free incoming calls, 5GB of internet data, and 100 SMS. The validity of the Plan of Rs 6,799 for 30 days.

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