InstagramInstagram may rollout the New Time left indicate for...

Instagram may rollout the New Time left indicate for Story feature

Users can now see how much time is left to disappear the Instagram Story. Instagram may rollout the new Story-time remain feature.

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Instagram might rollout the New Time Left indicator for Story. You must be using Instagram to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. It is one of the most popular photo-sharing Social Media platforms.

It always rollout the amazing feature for users. Recently it has rolled out the shopping product feature. Now it might roll out the Time left indicator feature for Story. Today I am explaining to you about Instagram’s new remaining time indicator feature. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Instagram New Time Left indicator feature for Story

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Instagram might be working on a new feature that shows the remaining time for Story to disappear the story. Users may see the remaining time that how much time is left to disappear their friends or anyone Story. As you can see in the given image that the left time to disappear the Story. The Instagram story remaining time will show in the 24 hr format below the users’ story. The remaining time will be in the place of the user name.

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Instagram New Time left for Story Image Credit: @Technologyseries
Instagram New remain time feature for Story Image Credit: @Technologyseries

Currently, users can set their stories for 24 hr on Instagram. Instagram Story will disappear automatically from users’ profiles after 24hr. But users won’t be able to see the time left that how many hours are left to disappear from the story. Users can only view the story till the story will appearing on the top of their Instagram profile.

Currently, it is spotted on some specific users. Both user name and story-time left will show below the story. The username will appear after the time left will disappear. But the new time remain feature will roll out soon.

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