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download WhatsApp profile of contact by simple method

Whatsapp currently 1.5 billion active users and installer over 5 billion+. It is a big platform for conversation. Whatsapp has many secret settings that you literally don’t know yet. This is the main reason for the WhatsApp user that’s why they attract with WhatsApp messenger conversation app. You have a lot of contact numbers in your personal Handel smartphone. You have a special number as crush, friend, and family of all these whose you want to save or download WhatsApp profile photo of contact.

Or those people whose profile is good for you. You also want to set the same Whatsapp profile to impress the other one. In this condition, you have to download the image. If you think that how it is possible.


So, don’t worry about it because we have some simple methods after using you can easily to save or download the WhatsApp profile directly in the gallery. Let’s start from the beginning and read till the end then you will get a complete guide in detail.

Whatsapp changed its policies, which is why we offer you other methods to save the profile image of contact. let’s focus on three methods that we serve below.

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Whatsapp has two step verification for security of user that strict to capture other privacy

1. Screenshot

Firstly you make sure which WhatsApp profile photo you want to save or download an image of contact. This feature available on all devices.

Xiaomi, Relme, Oppo: Slide three-finger over the mobile screen.

Samsung: Hold the power button and volume lower button.

iPhone: Hold the power button and volume upper button.

2. WhatsApp Web

The second method is to open the WhatsApp web on your computer. Go to the contact chat which you want to save or download the WhatsApp profile photo. Let’s do:

  • Choose the WhatsApp photo.
  • open the photo.
  • Click right
  • Save image as

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3. Gmail photo

The third method to save another profile photo. This method used in the WhatsApp web.

  • Tap on the top right side three-dot
  • You will see the share option to share.
  • Choose email option which should be in Gmail
  • Over image that the user uses in WhatsApp will be attached.

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